The members of our staff are experienced, highly qualified professionals.  Their credentials often exceed state requirements for positions, and their concerns for the happiness and well-being of the children in their care is evident in everything they do.   Our teachers work hard to offer activities that challenge children to challenge themselves in developmentally appropriate ways.

It is a common misconception that anyone who enjoys being with young children can be a good caregiver.  In fact, high quality early childhood programs--those in which children thrive--are those which employ a well-educated, experienced staff. Excellent teachers are usually people who have studied child development, often at a college level, and who have continued their professional development through participation in continuing education training.

At WHCC, we have high expectations for our staff.  We expect our teachers to be outstanding thinkers, doers and explainers--of why they think they way they think, and why they do the things to do with children.  It is not enough for an activity to seem like the right kind of activity for a particular child or group of children; we want our teachers to be able to articulate why the activity is appropriate and meaningful. 

We not only have high expectations for staff members but we also recognize their skills and efforts and prioritize retaining excellent employees.  We are committed to appropriately compensating our staff by offering wages, benefits, and opportunities for professional development, which are consistent with these expectations and levels of performance. 

At Woods Hollow, child and family needs are respected and met by highly qualified, caring staff members who are appropriately compensated for their work.

Woods Hollow has levels of teachers in each classroom. The level of teacher a  person is at is based on education, experience as well being the right match for the program.  Below you will find a guideline describing the levels of teachers we have. A more detailed Career Ladder is attached.


Teacher Level

Minimum Qualifications

ECE Credential related to the age group working with commitment to continue formal education.(additional credentials or Associate Degree)plus at least one year experience in a group child care center 


Preference: Associate Degree in ECE or currently in Associate or Credential program,  plus at least one year experience in a group child care center 

OR the equivalency to an Associate’s Degree in ECE, which is defined as at least 60 college credits with at least 30 credits in ECE, Child Dev, Elem Educ or EC Special Educ 

Be at least a Registry Level 9

Assistant Teacher / Float

80 hours of technical college training (plus infant -toddler training if float) and working towards 12 ECE credits; prefer Associate Degree in ECE or a  completed CDA, 240 hours of experience in group child care settings.

Be at least a Registry Level 3

All  Teachers work Full time.

Assistant and Float Teachers are Full time with a few that are Part time. 

As a Teacher/Assistant/Float, employees are working directly with children for their care and education.  Applicants must be able to communicate effectively and understand  instructions, safety guidelines and company policies as it relates to their role.