Parents and families are the most important people in a child's life and are treated as such by the staff at Woods Hollow.

We respect diversity, encourage acceptance, and strive for families to feel comfortable and supported in sharing their values and traditions at Woods Hollow.

As an extension of the family, we support family participation at whatever level of involvement they are able to offer. Families are always welcome to spend time with their children in the child's classroom or in community areas within the center.  Families spending time in the classroom is a wonderful addition to the children's day. Opportunities are available for families to volunteer in the classroom to share talents and interests, or read stories, help with projects and chaperone field trips. Classrooms often plan events that families are invited to such as potlucks, attending community events together, etc.

Our Board of Directors includes a parent representative, elected into the role by the parents.  Learning opportunities, center-wide socials and other activities for parents and families are offered throughout the year.

Parental input is valued and sought by staff members who conscientiously share information about each child's center-based experiences. Teachers seek and value parent input regarding their child. Parent-teacher conferences are scheduled twice each program year, which includes parents assisting in determining goals for their child.   Additional conference times can be made available upon request.

Families and staff have daily communication about children's experiences and development. Families also receive monthly newsletters from their child's classroom and from the administrative team to help keep families informed of Center activities.   

We look forward to partnering with families to provide the highest quality care and learning experiences for their children. 

Parents know that their children are happy and safe at Woods Hollow because

parent values and needs are also respected and met.