Fee Schedule

Tuition schedule is for the program year of

9-1-2023 through 8-31-2024

                                             The following schedule is for full time, 5 days/week only. 

                                                             **Woods Hollow accepts W-2 County Funding



Contracts and Discounts:  

Families contract for no more than 10 hours per day and must be the same 10 hours M-F. 

Scheduled hours are written on an enrollment contract.

A family discount of 15% off the lower tuition rate for each additional child is provided.

The tuition rates do not include vacation credits, but do take into account the days WHCC is closed for holidays and teacher work/training days.

Vacation Credit:

Families new to Woods Hollow are eligible for the first 5 days of vacation credit after 3 months of continuous enrollment.  The additional 5 days may be used after 6 months of enrollment. Requests for vacation credit are to be put into writing at least 2 weeks prior to the vacation and is credited the month after it is taken. Each family is given 10 days total of vacation credit per program year per child.

Families who have been at Woods Hollow for more than one program year are immediately eligible for their full 10  days of credit at the beginning of each program year(Sept 1).

Vacation credit is equal to 1/2 the weekly tuition for up to 10 days. 

Credits are based on program year and are issued for absences of 1-10 days.   All policies regarding the vacation credit are outlined in the Family Handbook.