In partnership with families, we create a caring and meaningful learning community for children 

through the nurturing of positive relationships. 

Core Values / Guiding Principles

·         Interpersonal Skills

Ø  Demonstrate genuine sensitivity to the needs, feelings and capabilities of others. 

Ø  Respectful interactions with staff and families that strive to support families as members of our community.

Ø  Open lines of communication are kept among all members of the WHCC Community.


·         Professionalism

Ø  Maintain and respect confidentiality of staff and families.

Ø  Demonstrate personal integrity and serve as positive representatives of WHCC.


·         Health and Safety

Ø  Follow all rules set forth by Wi State Licensing.

Ø  Attention to detail as it relates to maintaining a safe environment for all members of the WHCC community. 


·         Learning Experiences and Environment

Ø  Promote learning through play with attention to hands-on experiences in a rich environment provided both in the Center and in the outdoor spaces that surround our community.

Ø  Implement positive programming with a focus on social-emotional skill development.

Ø  Utilize developmentally appropriate practices to foster learning.

Ø  Allow for self-exploration and independent discovery for each child to learn at their own pace.


·         Family Focus 

Ø  Work collaboratively with families to keep them informed and involved in their child’s development.

Ø  Regular communication between staff and families to support positive relationships.


·         Management

Ø  Ethical and effective leadership among all employees in the Center.

Ø  Act as mentors to others with compassionate and honest interactions in order to allow each to reach their fullest potential.

Ø  Sponsored by Promega Corporation and Usona Institute, the commitment to the well-being of children, parents and staff offers a model for replication by other employers and organizations.