Woods Hollow provides a breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack to children 1 year and older.

Infants require special nutritional consideration and teachers work with families to best meet each individual child's needs. Woods Hollow offers an iron-fortified formula along with oatmeal and rice cereals for infants through the age of 13 months. Families can bring in their own formula or breast milk. Once on table foods, the Center provides the food as planned in our menus.

The most current weekly menus are attached below. Menus are divided into various age groups to reflect their specific needs.  These menus change weekly and are developed to reflect foods available to us by season.  The most up-to-date menus are posted in the Center at the entry. All questions about our meals and menus can be directed to our Nutrition Specialist.  

Changes that need to be made to our menu are posted in the Center on the main menu in the Wintergarden. Please check this one daily for any modifications. Menus may change due to food purveyor delivery and availability.  

Questions about the menu can be directed to our Nutrition Specialist.

**Please note, some menus are not accessible to you on Google Drive due to website restrictions.  Please email if you need a copy to view if  the links below do not work.