Woods Hollow maintains a personnel file on each employee. All information in the individual employment files must be kept up-to-date. It is the Employee's responsibility to give the Executive Director or Program Coordinator any changes in personal information contained in this file.

There are other forms that are of importance to staff for continuing education, evaluations, and resources

Below is a list of forms used by Woods Hollow:

  • Background Check Request -.This form is required upon hire to aid in the background check process conducted to meet State of WI licensing Rules ( Fingerprint background checks are required before a new employee can work in the facility)
  • Staff Health Report - Upon hire, all employees must have a physical 30 days of their start date. Also, each employee is required to get documentation of a physical every 2 years thereafter.
  • Staff Emergency Card - Each staff person must have an accurate and update emergency card on file. These provide information to WH on who to contact and medical information in case an emergency occurs with that particular staff member.