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Employment Opportunities:  

We currently are looking for the following positions:

  •  Applications are always welcome.  They are kept on file for up to one year for review when positions open up. 

 ALL applicants must have some training in education and/or early childhood in order to be considered.  We prefer the applicants to have previous experiences working with children 0-5 years of age.

  • You are always welcome to apply as applications are kept on file 1 year from application date.
  • We will review applications on file as positions become available.
  • The state of Wisconsin has requirements for entry level training for Child Care providers in the state.  Please click the link below to learn more about these:

    Go to:


How to Apply:

  •   Fill out an application (either contact WHCC for one or print the Attachment below)

  •   Submit application with transcripts of required education.  A resume will not be accepted in place of a completed application. 

Applications are kept on file for no more than 12 months after received. 


  •    Call either the Executive Director at (608)273-4433 ext 202 or the
              Program Coordinator at (608) 273-4433 ext 201 for more information.

  •     Email : 

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